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05-20-06 21:41
just wait.

it'll all come back.
05-15-06 19:06
you're a complete dumbass.

friends with you is a waste of time.
02-25-06 09:08
This makes me smile real hard.

Jeff Brunner wrote:

you dont need a car, you can use my corporate jet, which is nicknamed
The Delanie.

Jeff, you don't have a jet.
01-31-06 18:24
Iiiii bet.

Suck me good, cuz. I don't give a fuuck.
01-27-06 21:53
It felt good to get all that shit out in the open. I spent a night pretty stess-free.

For a 10 month, not fucking bad.

Guess that's all I had to say.
01-26-06 04:56
You're not over it if you keep posting about it. :)
01-23-06 18:37
A misunderstanding?

What you posted was an ASSUMPTION. Not a fucking misunderstanding.

Yeah, I realized I do have more fun without you around. IMAGINE THAT.
Maybe cuz I don't have to hear you bitch about someone else that doesn't like you? Or today someone is stuck up someone elses ass? Like everyone is always stuck up people's asses.

This is ridiculous. Grow the fuck up. Maybe if you made changes, I would consider talking to you again, but it's pissing me off how just because someone hates you, you have to complain about it for weeks.

HOLY SHIT. You wouldn't even BELIEVE how many people hate me, but do you see me sitting there bitching about it? And then when someone I like talks to the people that hate me, do you hear me saying that they are stuck up eachother's asses? It's fucking lame.

I'm so fucking tired of people getting upset over stupid shit. It's absolutely pointless, and stressful. CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

01-13-06 11:33
I'm broke, but I'm happy.

12-29-05 15:37
Cheese balls make everything better.
12-21-05 21:16
Christmas is soon!
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